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U.S. Tour 2016, Japan National Team

Naruhiko Nakano

Naruhiko Nakano is a Japanese debater on policy debate team at Mie University E.S.S. He started the policy debate two and a half years ago, in his 1st year in university. The team was too weak to win at that time. He couldn’t win in most of the debate matches. But he didn’t give up and continued to strive hard to get the 1st prize. During his junior year, in despite of the past team record, he eventually got the 1st team prize from NDAJ X FIDL tournament that decided the strongest team in western Japan. After that, he became the 8th debater and got the 8th team prize from National debate tournament (NAFA tournament). Now he supports small teams as a member of NAFA that is the largest and best-known debate organization in Japan. He loves debating and wants to improve his debate skills further. That’s why he is here.



Masaya SASAKI is a second-year debater on the parliamentary-style debate team, University of Tokyo Debating Society. Although he had had no experience of debating nor even of going abroad before he entered university, he has won many prizes in national and international debate tournaments. Most recently, he has achieved Semi-Finalist at ESUJ national tournament 2015 and also at the Asian Debate Institute tournament 2015. But above all, he loves debating. He loves speaking in public ESPECIALLY IN ENGLISH. That’s why he is here.

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